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If you need help with surveillance, skip tracing, fraud or find a missing a person in another state, our team can handle confidential and covert operations in any state throughout the US. Our database software web can run background checks and criminal records from anywhere in the US giving you factual data and information to make the best decision for you.
Get personal attention, weekly and daily updates on each case. It makes a world of difference when you have a team you can communicate with on a personal level that is in your corner. While there are many options for finding a loved one or researching a claim, there is nothing like having an ally.

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Timely, Thorough, Confidential

Our Private Detectives have a nationwide network of family, colleagues and criminal attorneys that can help you. When clients come to us with questions about their lives, we provide answers through good Investigative work. Our Investigators are based in Colorado, but we have maintained a National Network of Investigators who have already handled thousands of cases and with years of valuable experience. The experience we have gained and continue to develop through hours of database studies, surveillance, field work and courtroom visits will help your case in the short term and long run.

Whether you are needing surveillance, field work, process service, child custody investigations or finding any individual, our experts will walk you through the entire process and keep you completely up to date with any developments that arise. Our case preparations and strategies are second to none. You can rest assure that our private detectives are experienced, and their expertise will bring you the best possible outcome in your case.  Whatever your case may be, do not go a single hour without consulting our friendly and experienced staff of PersonfinderUSA.

Top 10 most common questions asked when hiring a Private Investigator…

  • What does a Private Investigator Do?
  • How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?
  • Does a private investigator need to have a license or credentials?
  • Does the private investigator have an office or place of business?
  • How does a Private Investigator find people and what tools are they using to do this?
  • If they are doing surveillance, can I use that in court?
  • What sort of investigative support services are included when I hire an investigative team?
  • Do I need a contract when I hire private detectives?
  • Is there an insurance policy if I don’t get the information I am looking for from a private investigator?
  • Do private investigators have to identify themselves to the suspect if asked?

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