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When dealing with a potentially cheating spouse, the signs seem to become apparent over time. It may start as staying late one night at the office to later turning into frequent business trips, or just lunch with a colleague from the office to having multiple meetings several times a week after hours. Perhaps a separate bank account was opened in just their name or it could be constant giggles and smiles over text messages and when confronted the reply is typically “I’m just laughing at something somebody sent me. It’s an old friend from high school”.

No matter how it begins, the signs all add up and point to something and the heart wrenching feeling of not knowing weighs on your day, evening and everything your day brings. Infidelity can be overwhelming on you, your family and your friends. Curiosity can quickly turn into jealousy and jealousy takes you out of a comfort zone and can even make you seem like you are going crazy, but it doesn’t have to. Know the truth, good or bad, so you can make the right decisions for your family. When it’s time to act, call us first!

What’s Mine is Not Yours

When a once loving marriage ends it divorce, both parties tend to turn to emotions towards assets and division of property… And many times, the children’s custody become the final linchpin within the entire proceedings of who gets what. Custody battles are always difficult and can take a genuine toll on the entire family, but especially the children. Even when the divorce is finalized, the battle over custody last long into the future.

At Person Finder USA, we know every claim you have can be taken to every court battle, but without evidence, it is futile. Perhaps, your spouse fought for custody out of spite towards you more than an eagerness to be with the children.

You may suspect:

  • Your kids are not being fed properly or at all because every time they come home; they are starving.
  • They have been left alone all weekend or completely neglected because they say, all they do is watch TV all night by themselves or there isn’t anything to do.
  • Uncle or Auntie someone watched them all weekend when your ex was supposed to be spending time with them
  • Your ex may be engaged in illegal activity because they always seem to have cash but can never pay for support because they are “between jobs”
  • Drugs or alcohol consumption because the kids say your ex always goes into his room and locks the door and doesn’t come out for hours or is “sleeping” all the time


No matter what your claim, you will need court evidence if you wish any action to be taken, and that proof will come from calling a private investigator. Your children are the most important love you have on earth, always protect them no matter what you or anyone else thinks. If you suspect foul play of any sort, you will NEVER forgive yourself when it is too late. Call us to see if we can help guide you to make the right decision!

The Children are our Future

  • Missing Daughter
  • Missing Son
  • child drug abuse
  • Run-away children
  • Kidnapping
  • child find
  • child abduction
  • friends or family members
  • lost relative
  • biological parent
  • adopted child

We have all been consumed by peer pressure at one time in our life but non-more than in adolescence and teenage years. These influential years shape the adults we all grow up to become later in life due to the experiences we have or the holes we fall into. We do everything we can to protect our children, but we all know when they walk out that door, we tend to loose touch with the kids they hang out with, the trouble that they may get into or the influences that guide their behavior. If you are suspicious that your child is going down the wrong path, don’t ignore it, call us and we’ll see if we can help you get the answers you need.

There are so many fears a parent has in protecting their child and we all have faith in our children making the right decisions, but there are bad people out there no matter what good decisions your child may make. When the bad people enter your life, you call us. We handle all cases of child abduction, missing children, kidnapping, run away or drug abused sons and/or daughters. Let us help before it is too late. No matter who you are looking for, our people finder database and expertise can track them down.

Call or text us to see how we can help you in any domestic case, the rights you have and truth you need to seek.