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Fraud Detection

Business fraud claims includes white collar crime, data or personal information theft or mining, check forgery, stolen financial information, Insurance scams, data collection, AI & statistical data theft and so much more.

Background Check

A background investigation compiles personal and commercial records including employment history, ID verification, criminal records, driving records, drug testing records, and a complete data base search of personal and business references.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is the identification & recovery of monies obtained from vehicles, artifacts, bank accounts, real estate or any proceeds from financial corruption activity through multiple jurisdictions and cross border locations. The process includes tracing, freezing assets, confiscation or forfeiture, monitoring and reparations.


Employment discrimination is based on age, sex, religious beliefs, language, disability, name, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, drug use, and reverse discrimination. Quite often, various forms of discrimination are not apparent on a regular basis and may seem to be a “one-off” situation, but the roots of discrimination go deep within individuals and groups. Many times, the perpetrator or group tries every attempt to keep it under the radar or hushed from the general public or to you, but over time habits are repeated. Call us today for a Free Assessment

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